Monday, September 12, 2011

Every Person Has a Story

It's Sunday morning, and I am in a dark, large movie theater.  I'm at Momentum Church and it's near the beginning of service. I'm standing in the very bottom front under the screen on the stage with a full band.  Because the spotlights & lighting are shining on the stage, I'm basically blinded.  I can't see all the audience but I can see a few nearby faces and if I look hard, I can see silhouettes and "gray shades" of people all the way up to the top of the theater.  Momentum isn't a huge church but it's still large enough where I don't know everyone - plus, new people visit all the time.

Random pic from a 2010 Momentum Sunday

Something comes to mind that someone once told me to remember when you are in a band that helps lead people in worship:

Every person in this audience has a story.

The music starts and it's one of my favorite rockin' songs, "Salvation Is Here."  It talks about the freedom that Jesus can give me, that God is on my side, that His promises in the Bible are true, that the world can't knock me down.  I look out at the audience while singing with them.

I see someone I know who has struggled with addiction.
I see someone who takes care of her ailing husband.
I see someone who welcomed a new baby into his home this year.

We sing "Momentum of Love" which describes how God's love can change things in incredible ways.

I see a young woman who just got engaged.
I see someone who decided to follow Jesus last year, and she strives to keep the faith through very trying times. 
I see a friend who doesn't know what's next, but knows something has to change.

We sing "Never Let Go" with phrases like "You never let go -- through the calm and through the storm, You never let go of me" and "for the heart that holds on, there will be an end to these troubles, but until that day comes... Still I will praise You...."

I see a 20-something woman who lost her father this year.
I see someone who is just checking this "God stuff" out & is probably glad the theater is dark so she doesn't have to be noticed.
I see a middle-aged man who has fought the unemployment battle for at least 2 years.
I see a mom who works so hard and has to be exhausted today.
I see a family that has been willing to serve sacrificially to help love others.

And I see a theater full of people who are remembering the horrific events of September 11, 2001.  And they are singing their hearts out!

I feel like I have the most beautiful view in the theater.  


There were so many stories in that theater this morning.  People of different ages, races, economic classes and different places in their spiritual journey -- taking moments to honor God or simply observe.

They sang praise
to the One who gives us freedom,
to the One who allows us to see incredible things because of His love,
to the One who Never Lets Go.

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