Monday, August 8, 2011

Tooth Fairy vs. The "Red Stuff"

She lost her first tooth!  It was extremely wobbly and practically horizontal (aka TIME TO COME OUT)  She asked me to take turns with her at attempting to pull it out.  She would pull it, then I would pull it, then back to her, then me.  Finally, I pulled it out.  She had mixed emotions - she was ELATED that it came out, but NOT AT ALL happy about the blood (which I had warned her about in preceding days).  Fortunately, the excitement exceeded the panic about the b-l-o-o-d so it was a great evening.

The next morning, we saw that the Tooth Fairy had left four quarters - so exciting!  However, the happy bubble was burst when she decidedly announced several times that she was NOT happy with me for pulling her tooth out.  I reminded her that we had decided to take turns trying to pull it, remember????  It didn't seem to matter.  Apparently, the thought of the "red stuff" won out over the excitement on day #2.

I have a feeling I won't be asked to pull another tooth.  But I still can't help but smile & even giggle when she flashes that "missing tooth smile" at me.  Adorable. :-D


Anonymous said...

Love the story ! Papi !

Noteable Scraps said...

So cute! My youngest just lost his first two a few days apart from each other. This is where boys are different from girls. He LOVED the blood and LOVED getting to tell everyone about how MUCH blood was gushing but how BRAVE he was and how it didn't hurt that much because he is such a BIG boy!!!

Thanks for your comment on FB! I don't know why blogger wouldn't let you post. I don't have any restrictions or anything set up on it. Someone else commented about having problems with Blogger that evening, so maybe it was a fluke?

Amy said...

Yes, Debbi, I was having problems commenting on another person's blog too. Maybe it's my browser that doesn't get along with Blogger.
Thank you for your comment too :) love that your son was so proud of the blood. haha!

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