Monday, May 9, 2011

Thank You, Moms!

Did anyone catch the Mother's Day episode of "The Middle" sitcom last week?  It was all too real and so funny.  The mom of three was given the gift of a full day of alone time.  She was thrilled!  However, instead of relaxing on the couch with her TV remote and stack of magazines like she intended, she spent the day doing chores and dirty, nitty-gritty jobs around the house.  By the time she sat down on the couch in the evening with her magazines, the family returned home -- telling her about all their wonderful adventures that she missed out on.  She was devastated, angry at her husband & ended up getting a "do-over" Mother's Day the next weekend (which turned out just as bad).

If you are a mom or a woman who invests her time into building up and encouraging other people, I hope you were celebrated yesterday.  The quote below landed in my Inbox this morning.  I hope it encourages all you Moms out there.

“Children do not accidentally become righteous leaders or emotionally healthy and productive adults – any more than seeds thrown randomly to the wind grow to be part of a thriving, beautiful garden.
Someone needs to take responsibility for their nurture, protection, nourishment, intellectual development, manners, recreation, personal needs, and spiritual development. Someone needs to commit time and energy into staying close to them as they grow, encouraging, loving, correcting and teaching.

God designed mothers with a capacity to call forth all that is great, excellent, true, pure and righteous in a child’s heart and to cast a vision for their children to bring these virtues about in their own lives, and in their generation. When a woman embraces her design and call by God, there will always be hope for each generation."  
- Sally Clarkson

Thank you, Moms, for all your hard work and investing into the lives of our children to make the world a better place.

Happy (day after) Mother's Day!

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