Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back to Brick & Mortar

Quick follow up to my last school blog....  {I'm chuckling about my blog title because until last fall, I didn't even know "brick & mortar" was a slang term for school in an actual building.  Ah, I've learned so much.}

My daughters will be attending a local charter school next fall!  I have been intrigued and hearing about this specific school for several years & I knew it had excellent ratings.  (One reason I had avoided it in the past because I knew if we went there, I would be driving all day to two different schools for my two kids.)  I finally took a tour in December, and the girls came with me -- I wanted their opinion too.  We made a deal that we would check out the school, ask our questions and then talk about it after we left.  I was very impressed with the school's systems for learning, open communication, "small school" feel & the great resources available... including awesome technology!

We got back in the car after the tour and both my girls immediately said, "MOM, WE LOVE IT!"  and I said, "SO DO I!"  A few weeks ago, we found out they were accepted, so they will begin in the fall with full-day Kindergarten and 2nd grade.  (aka MY LIFE IS GOING TO CHANGE DRASTICALLY)

As I've said in previous posts, there have been so many great things about homeschooling.  I totally "get" why people do it!  There are AMAZING people who homeschool.  They are inspiring.  And I've learned that people choose to homeschool for so many different reasons.  Who knows, I may go back to it again someday.  (I'm still learning to never say never)  But I have been feeling really overwhelmed and not great about homeschooling both girls next year.  I know people do it all the time with 3 kids, 6 kids, 10 kids -- but I'm just not feeling it's best for me or the girls if we continue next year.  Especially if there is another option that we really like!

So I've told some people about the school change, and some say, "Awwww, so homeschooling didn't work out."  Maybe it's my pride getting in the way (which is a good possibility!), but I really don't feel that statement is completely true.  I do not have any regrets.  I have been able to spend a lot of time with my 7yo & 5yo -- time that I have treasured!  (Less time together will be the hardest part of this change!)  I'm so proud of all we have accomplished.  And we have learned A LOT academically and about ourselves this year. :-)

This change will be difficult and exciting all at the same time -- you may not want to be around me the first couple weeks of September.  But until then, I've got lessons to teach!  Gotta go...........

photo courtesy of Heather Mariano Photograpy

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