Monday, February 21, 2011

Beautified and Beaten Up

Totally random but I have to get it out... I'm bearing my soul to you -- true confessions.  haha

I received a lovely gift from my husband -- an appointment at my favorite local salon for last weekend.  I had put off my salon services to try to save a little money.  But it was time.  Waaaay past time, sister.  In fact, my eyebrows were starting to compete with Michael Dukakis.

So I arrived at the salon, ready to be pampered.  The eyebrow technician helped me first.  I started apologizing immediately about my appearance (ladies, I know you have been there).  The problem was, she was very happy to agree with me.  In fact, she threw in her own zinger about how bad the eyebrows looked. Uh oh.

Seven minutes later, I'm already looking better, whew.  I'm on my way to the hair stylist's chair.  He immediately said, "Wow, we really should have scheduled you to have color done too."  Darn it, he was absolutely right.  I haven't seen that many grays since I saw Betty White looking HOT in Cleveland.  But I hadn't had one moment to call my own over the past week or I would have colored it.  Or maybe I would have just sat and watched TV or played on Facebook.  Anyway, I got a nice mini-facial and I hear him say in a horrified voice, "Your skin is SO dry!?!" Dang it all, the one time I forgot to moisturize in the morning.

Yes, I know.
This is why I am here at the salon.  
So you can make me beautiful.  
I need all the help I can get, people.

My stylist was actually fantastic & I looked 3000% better after leaving.  Beautified.... and a little beaten up.


Noteable Scraps said...

Amy, I think you are such a beautiful woman - I just want you to know that!! I've had similar experiences. Thanks to genes from people I don't know (I was adopted and my adopted mother doesn't color her hair at all and is still very dark), I started getting grays when I was 23. Not bad, but enough to tell. So they tell me every time I go into the salon about how much I need to color my hair, and I haven't wanted to start doing it b/c I know I won't do the root maintenance (I had it done once and it did look good). They just don't seem to get the picture that making me feel bad about myself is NOT going to get them a big tip!! And if the beauticians don't tell me about it, my daughters will. They don't care about tips! :)

Amy said...

thanks Debbi ;) you are sweet. I usually love this salon, but it was an "off" day apparently. haha It's a non-tipping salon, which is really cool too.
I actually love coloring my hair but just hadn't gotten to it for awhile... obviously! haha

joyhanlon said...

You are wonderfully and beautifully made! It's a good thing it's a non-tipping salon 'cuz I think I would have had a hard time showing my appreciation! hehe. Love you, girl!

Amy said...

aww, thanks Joyce. It just made me laugh because I've talked with friends before about how we have to make ourselves "look good" before we go to the salon. Ironic. haha

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