Sunday, July 18, 2010

Through a Little Girl's Eyes...

I had the opportunity to take my six-year-old daughter on a date last week.  I've seen her developing a love for art, so I decided we would go to the Cleveland Museum of Art.

My daughter's big blue eyes grew even wider as she entered the building for the first time.  "Where do we go first, Mom?"  We started with some American landscapes.  She was immediately enthralled.  "How do they make it look so real?" she asks, without really wanting an answer.  We move from room to room -- she's practically gliding.  Her giddiness and amazement at seeing these things for the first time catches me off guard.  I love when I get a small glimpse of what it must be like to look through a little girl's eyes.

We spent quite a bit of time looking at all the exhibits, including my favorite Monet pieces.  Before we left, she said, "Mom, can we please go look at that one again?"  It was a picture of a lady, The Young Eastern Woman, to be exact.  My daughter just stood there and studied it.  "Mom, I really like this one." Precious.

To top off the day, we stopped by an Italian bakery in Little Italy.  Need I say more?  What a wonderful day.

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Nikki said...

Sounds like a homeschooler to me. ;)

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