Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Be Still.

My mind is overloaded with information and lots of thoughts.  Some thoughts are very introspective and deep.  Other thoughts include how I wish I was downtown to help rip down the LeBron sign.  AND how we need to replace it with a Betty White poster.  Actually, I'd say that qualifies as a deep thought too. 

Anyway, I've been trying to work through some life stuff lately and I want to hear from God.  I want to listen.  So how do you do that? 

I heard a verse from the Bible on Sunday night - Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God."  I've heard that one many times, but this time it struck me... am I being still?  Even when I have some "downtime," I am still filling my brain with useless information.  Let's get real here.. usually Facebook information!  It's embarrassing how much time I spend on my cute little mobile device.  Five minutes here.. ten minutes there... 100 minutes later.... ouch.  Can anyone relate? 

I love Facebook and keeping in touch with people.  People's statuses make me laugh out loud at times!  (What can I say, I have witty and clever friends.)  However, I have read that social networking can add extra stress and anxiety to a person's life.  I can see that happening in my life, can you?

So that's my step this week.  Detox from social networking for awhile.  Yesterday was my first attempt. I loved it.  I'm going to keep going.  Not sure when I'm going to stop.  But I do know it's been an awesome new step in a process to "be still and know that He is God."

PS - If you are on Facebook today, please join the FB group that is rooting for Betty White to be the next oversized poster in Cleveland! ;-)  (I told you I'm in detox...)

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