Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eyeglasses. Sigh...

I need some serious help sometimes.

The latest event in my life is eyeglasses shopping. Maybe I should start this story by rewinding to 4 years ago. I needed a pair of glasses so I went through the usual routine of scheduling an eye exam, getting a new prescription and ordering new eyeglasses. Now, I’m certainly not a fashionista by any means… but as I tried on different pairs of glasses, I felt I knew what looked good and what did not. So I finally found on a pair that were not over-the-top trendy but were a good and sensible pair of black/silver metal frames. As I looked in the mirror while trying them on, I felt that “Yes, this is the pair!! I think I might even look smart…” I made my last supermodel pose in the mirror with the glasses (you have to crinkle your eyebrows and pucker the lips!) then walked up confidently to the counter and made my order.

A week went by. I received a call that my glasses had arrived. Finally, I would have a good pair of glasses so I could take a break from my contacts once in awhile! I picked up the glasses and brought them home. I was excited to show off my new purchase to my ever-loving husband. After all, he had been listening to my whining for several months about how I needed a new pair of glasses.

So I put on the new glasses and “TA-DAA! What do you think, honey?” My husband had a confused look on his face. He stared at me. He stared at my glasses. He finally said, “Wait, what glasses are you wearing? Are those MY glasses? I started laughing. Surely, he must be joking. My ever-loving husband went and got his glasses from the bedroom so we could compare. Oh. My. Goodness. My glasses looked EXACTLY like my husband’s pair. Seriously??!! If you know my husband, you’re mostly likely laughing right now. He really did think I was wearing his glasses. I was so deflated. I looked in the mirror again and I did not look feminine, cute or smart. I hated my new glasses.

Well, you’d think the end of that story would be that I returned the glasses and got a new pair. Nope, I kept them. (Don’t worry, that was four years ago before I figured out that you CAN return items to the store. LOL)

So here I am in 2010… looking for a new pair of eyeglasses. I haven’t done a lot of shopping yet, but I did browse a little last week. I had my 4yo and 6yo daughters with me. They thought it was so fun to pick out frames for me to try on. There were a few pairs that I thought might look good. Nope. Nope. And nope. Then I saw them. It was the pair. Yes!! I tried them on and looked in the mirror. Immediately as I saw my reflection, I screamed loudly. I didn’t see myself in the mirror, I saw Sarah Palin wearing my clothes and standing with my girls. HEEEEELLLLLPPPP! She's beautiful but that's not the look I'm going for. I grabbed the girls and we ran out of the store immediately.

Lesson learned: I need some serious help and support with eyeglasses shopping. Sigh.


alanthing said...

You can thank me later :)

I got my last pair of glasses there, $12. Took a few weeks to arrive, and measuring pupil distance is a little weird, but I saved a ton of money. I told my mom about it and she has a complicated prescription w/ progressive lenses and has bought 3 or 4 pairs from them.

Cyndi R. said...

oh my goodness. I was seriously laughing out loud. I'm in the process of trying to get new glasses. I "window shopped" for some frames the other day and Matthew kept laughing and saying "no" to every pair. :)

Debbi said...

I love it! I always think I have the "right" pair and then hate them later, too! I usually get huge ones b/c my vision is so bad, I hate not having the peripheral vision. So I choose huge frames and look like something out of the 60s. I say, let your daughters pick for you. You'd look cute in "Hanna Montana" purple frames with fake jewels embedded!! :)

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