Sunday, March 14, 2010


My daughters and I were browsing through a bookstore last week. It was the first time I had been in a Christian bookstore in almost 3 years. I'm an online shopper and truth be told, I tend to avoid purses, earrings or anything else with "fish" symbols. LOL

I was amused at my daughters' reactions to all the different children books and materials. They were so excited. My 6-year-old found a beautifully illustrated children's Bible. She plopped herself down in a comfy chair and was enthralled with each page for at least 20 minutes until I made her get up to leave. How precious!

I want to be like that. I want to be enthralled with God's words. I've mentioned before that I'm working through a Beth Moore study called "Stepping Up." It has been an absolute thrill to study God's word and dig into the details. This week I learned about the meaning of some specific Jewish festivals from long ago and then why Jesus would say something very powerful at a specific moment in time at these festivals. Oh, it is all connected so perfectly and beautifully. I'm learning more and more how He loves to cover the tiniest details.

The story of God's love for people is absolute perfection. There simply is nothing else like it.

Reading the Bible can seem very overwhelming. If you don't know where to start, ask someone who might know. I suggest starting with the book of Luke, which details the life of Jesus and how/why he is even relevant to God. Every Bible has a table of contents in the front and you can look up "Luke" and find the page number. You can also look it up on websites like and read it there.

Some of you may not care about any of this -- that's OK. I'm not writing about the Bible to shove it down your throat. I just can't help but be excited about it. But I really hope you don't let things like questions/doubts about God or even the distastefulness of "Christian people" you might know prevent you from investigating the most intriguing story of all time.

I can't wait until the next time I can plop down in a comfy chair and be enthralled again. (I think I'll throw a chai tea in that mix too.)


Becky said...

I loved reading how your daughter was so excited about reading the Bible. Ariella came home from church yesterday and told me all about what she learned during Sunday school. It really warms my heart! This is a great blog, thanks for sharing!

Nikki said...

Let me begin by saying that I loooove the picture of Matt and all of his Caton cuties! It should be blown up to 6'x8' and be hanging on your way. It's just precious and amazing.

Anyway, sooo glad you're loving Stepping Up! I was listening to a sermon the other day (Tommy Oaks in fact) and he was talking about some of the festivals and this time I actually knew what he meant! So cool. That study has come back to me again and again. Enjoy.

I love you a lot. And your writing too.

Amy said...

Thanks ladies. I credit Shannon Smith for the picture :)
and yes, I realized it's time to get Naomi a Bible. We also have "My First Message" which is incredible! I'm in awe of how children are already so connected with God.

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