Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful Turkey Feathers

Each year, at least one of my girls comes home with a Thanksgiving Turkey craft where they write something they are thankful for on each colorful turkey feather.  What would I write on my turkey feathers this year?

1.  My marriage.  It has been nearly 11 years since we said our "I do's" and I would rank this past year as one of the best.  We have faced life challenges that could have knocked us down hard but we chose to stick together as a team -- we have weathered the storms together.  I can not express enough how thankful I am for my husband, his friendship and his love.

2.  A Warm House and Food on My Table.  When my husband changed careers 11 months ago, we knew we would take a hit financially, as he was starting over from scratch in a new industry.  And yet, God has taken care of our needs literally one day at a time.  There is not enough time to write every provision, but I am in AWE of how God cares about every little detail.  Thank you, God!

3.  New Jobs.  Speaking of my hubby's career change, I am so thankful for his new career path.  I see the fulfillment he gets from helping people with their financial plans, and I love the heart of the company he works for.  I love their mission to honor God and love people, while still working in the financial industry.  I didn't know such a company existed!

AND there is my new job as a Thirty-One Consultant.  I started a couple months ago, and I LOVE the flexibility, the fun, practical products as well as girls nights out :)  What a special blessing Thirty-One has been so far!  I'll blog more about it soon.

4.  My Daughters.  I've never know two people to give me so much joy.  It is amazing to watch a child grow before your eyes - physically, socially, academically and spiritually.  I know God uses my girls to keep me humble, to remind me what is really important, make me laugh uncontrollably and to keep my faith strong.  I'm so proud of my little chickadees!

5.  Music.  Sigh... I love music.  Listening to music, singing and more.  I have loved the opportunity to continue to sing with a full, live band all year with Momentum Christian Church.  Two of my favorite things about singing in the band:  1) I love, love, love singing harmonies with others. 2)  I love worshipping God through music and having the energy of a full band is just awesome!

There's so much more to list:  family, my church, my wonderful friends, living in Cleveland and more.  It's a good thing that turkeys have a lot of feathers!

Happy Thanksgiving!  What would you put on your Turkey Feathers?

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