Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Day in the Country

The girls and I are on a little adventure visiting my parents in Pennsylvania.  I forget that I don't see mountains very often until I drive from Cleveland back to my parents' home in south central PA.  The majestic mountainous views complemented by the clear blue skies are breath-taking!

Today was filled with adventure.  We drove through winding back roads (my girls yelling WEEE!), past wheat fields being harvested, orchards and dairy farms.  We arrived at our destination, a little pond filled with bluegills & large-mouth bass just waiting to be caught by some girls and their grandfather!

Yes, my five-year-old caught a 17 1/2 inch bass!

This one just makes me laugh!  Don't get too close to the flopping fish, big sis...

We stopped by a farm that makes and sells cheese, appropriately called the "Cheese Haus."  We got a quick impromptu tour and saw how they were making 600 lbs of baby Swiss!

I splurged on an Italian Cheddar block and had to get some Colby Jack for my little one.  Delicious!

A great day in the country for three city girls!

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