Sunday, September 19, 2010


Big day today.  Emotional day.  Today, my husband announced his resignation from his position at Momentum. It's been months of a long journey and God has confirmed over and over to us that this is the right decision.

The good news is that this decision is due to Matt feeling that the job just isn't the right "fit" for him, nothing else.  We still love Momentum, everyone there and the awesomeness of things happening in Cleveland.  There's no drama going on, no cat fights, no "hidden" reason that we're not telling.  It's not a decision that was made quickly or easily.  Tears, prayers, solitude, & counseling have all been part of our journey.  We love Cleveland and how God is working here, and at this point, we are intending to stay here and at Momentum -- of course, keeping an open mind and heart about what's next.  We feel peaceful and confident that God has something in mind for us.  We are excited to see what's in store... and a bit weepy at facing the end of an "era." ;-/  Thank goodness we're not leaving Momentum.  Don't think I could handle that right now!!  whew!

I'm really proud of my husband.  He has faced a journey requiring MUCH courage.  He has chosen to be vulnerable about things when I know he would prefer not to be.  He has been willing to display and be open about parts of his life in a way that I know many people never would.  He has been listening and working so hard to know what God wants for him.  He is a true inspiration to me & I'm learning so much taking this journey with him. 

And now.... job searching time!


Robyn White said...

Wow...that's truly an end to an era! I've never thought about Momentum without Matt as a part of it (mainly due to the hour-long messages on my voicemail regarding MoKidz... ;-) ). I wish your whole family the best of luck with whatever the future may bring.

mike brennan said...

wow. sounds like a lot of that going on. I'm right there with you guys. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for you guys! I think God's up to something...

For more on my journey that is so very similar -

Amy said...

wow, mike, our stories ARE very similar!! wish we could have you and chris over for dinner so we could chat more. what the heck, come on over! how about tomorrow night? ;) saying a prayer for you right now -- looking forward to what's in store for you too.

thanks for your encouragement. keep in touch!

Amy said...

and thank you, Robyn!! i'm sure matt will do his best to leave you a special long voicemail next time he calls. ;)

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